10 Tips on Saving Money on your wedding

Weddings tend to cost a lot of money to the couple and without a well planned budget the wedding might seem to be expensive. But when accurate measures are taken one is able to save money on a wedding. For a wedding to be glamorous it doesn’t mean that expensive decors, a band, elegant venues among other wedding features should be used. The wedding could be kept simple but still be full of fun and flavor. Some of the tips on saving money on your wedding are as follows:

1. Make decorations by yourself or get bridal party to help

You can make decorations at the wedding ceremony by yourself instead of hiring a firm to do it for you. Also you can get help from bridals to speed up the decorations after buying them; these might be in form of tables, chairs and flowers at the wedding which costs less.

2. Make your own invitations to cut costs involved

Instead of hiring someone to send invites to the selected guests, you can do it by yourself as it is a cheap process but also makes the guests invited feel more special. For online invitations, they can cost you for around $600 dollars but personal invitation might cost you around $250.

3. Identify a venue that allows you bring your own caterer and bartenders

Hiring a caterer and bartenders is quite expensive as compared to a person bringing their own foods and drinks which cost less and the excess is kept well for usage.

4. Use fake flowers instead of real flowers as they are cheaper

Real flowers may have the natural scent and freshness but they are a bit expensive, hence this gives you an option to save money by purchasing the fake flowers as they are also beautiful but a bit cheaper than real flowers.

5. Select the most important things from the less important

When planning for the wedding, one should prioritize the most important items to purchase from the least ones. This can be done through highlighting everything that is required for the wedding and leaving out the less important things hence saving on bulk buying just for the sake.

6. Research and shop for the cheap wedding attires

There are so many beautiful wedding attires which can be shopped online at a very good price or buy designer attire for that reason instead of a traditional one which is a bit expensive.

7.Narrow down your guest list

A wedding with a lot of friends, colleagues and relatives might sound nice but at the same time it’s costly. For you to have a cheaper wedding, select the closest people and those you have been in touch with most of the time instead of generalizing to everyone.

8. Select a low-cost or free location for your event

Identify a location that is cheap or no cost at all for your wedding. This might be your home backyard, church grounds, local parks and forest preserves

9. Hold the ceremony and reception in one location

Hiring out two different places for the occasion and reception is a bit expensive. One location can be used to host both events which save a lot of cash in the long run.

10. Hire a DJ for the music – Having a band is great but their charges are high compared to hiring a DJ who in most cases acts as master of ceremony in the reception.

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