Picking What the Groomsmen and Groom to Wear

For a wedding to be successful there is a lot that need to be done from planning, budgeting and selecting the right groomsmen and bridesmaids for the occasion. Another important thing is to select the right attires for the event which includes the brides’ gown and grooms suit. The colors are chosen wisely for the wedding event and in most cases these colors match the event. For the groomsmen and groom, they can chose different types of suits and color depending on the period of the year and whether the wedding is taking place indoor or outdoor. Let’s take a look at some of the factors to consider when picking what the groomsmen and groom should wear.

Day or Night

Some wedding ceremonies take place during the day and some in the evening. The type of suit to be worn during the day or in the evening is selected by the bride which (suit) corresponds with the wedding theme. If the wedding takes place in the evening mostly dark colors are chosen over bright ones, like dark charcoal, navy blue or black suits may be used with a colorful tie. When the wedding takes place during the day, mostly light colors are applied like white and grey suits. For the grooms, their suit color may be outstanding from that of the groomsmen as they tend to put on a classic suit but still maintain the same color for differentiation from the rest. When a person is tone in between choosing the color of the suit to brace the event, one should go for dark colors like black as they tend to brace events.

Formal vs Informal

Wedding may be stipulated to be formal or casual depending on the type of invitation you receive. In most cases the weddings are formal and all guests are directed on what to wear. For formal weddings, groomsmen and groom are usually dressed in tuxedos with black ties or they might all wear the same type and color of suit but with a different color of tie. Also for formal weddings the tuxedo is the typically applied men’s attire which is worn together with either a bow tie or a traditional necktie. On the other side, casual weddings in most cases have no themes that dictate what color or type of suit to be worn. People wear something they feel comfortable with like a beige suit or a simple sports suit with or without a tie.

Dress for the Time of the Year

When planning weddings, we should consider the different seasons of the year so that we can decide appropriately on the right attire to wear during the wedding occasion. For summer weddings, light colored suits should be highly regarded for example white suits but also lightweight materials (linen and cotton) should be selected as they are really cool. Since summers are hot, grooms and groomsmen should consider wearing well designed vests with a tie but no jacket as the weather is hot. In winters, mostly dark suits should be worn which are made from woolen materials to keep the groom and groomsmen from the chilly weather. The colors to be applied during winter include: navy, black, chestnut brown and deep charcoal. For indoor weddings; dark colored suits are dressed on many occasions as they occur mostly in the evenings and tuxedos are worn in most cases. But for outdoor weddings, light colored suits are used like during beach weddings. This makes the event appear colorful and elegant.

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